Wikipedians, where the fuck are you coming from?

After trying a search about the glorious and notorious dinamic window manager (a.k.a. dwm) here in tumblr, I came to notice in certain site that there is this conspiration against Free and Open Source Software Projects articled in the infamous Wikipedia. It couldn’t be worse, noticing that this conspiration starts it all this creep that calls himself as insane, envious, destructive and lying troll, a fascist vandal, who when is not busy trying to cleanse Wikipedia of all information about Gypsies, Jews, socialists, Serbian war crimes, and Open Source tiling window managers, is occasionally finding the time to write articles of his own sick mind, in which I won’t bother to take a look.

A lot of people has told me this shitty phenomena taking place at Wikipedia, where a whole and complete mafia has taken place to operate against free culture, open source and its non-favored relative matters that can’t get supported in glamorous sites and magazines related to Information Technologies (by the simple fact they don’t generate profits).

I say, what the fuck is wrong with wikipedia? I thought it was a usefull site to find information about human, social and animal life in this planet, but no. I see this has started to decrease lately behind scenes. There is this large amount of people burning their eyelashes to manipulate information you find in there, just because they don’t share opinion with that human, social and animal life in this planet. What the fuck are they? Hidden aliens amongst us trying to reroute our lifes?

I certainly know this is not a generalized phenomena. Or could it be that all that editors’ mafia at Wikipedia get to be aliens?


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