Wikipedians, you all will be alone soon

I want to start with this quote:

Lamentablemente cada día escucho más y más casos, donde un grupo de moderadores (o “dictadores“), forman una especie de secta dentro de la wikipedia, decidiendo que sirve y que no, lógicamente, siendo apoyados por el resto de la secta lo que “convalida” su falso poder. Pudiendo así, hacer lo que quieren. Lo cual, a la larga es muy contraproducente para la misma wiki.

Thalskarth site

What Thalskarth says here is just the truth about wikipedians in the Spanish version of this ungraceful site. He says that unfortunately everyday he listens more an more cases in which a group of dictators at Wikipedia, form some kind of a sect just to decide what has a use and what not, this being enforced by the rest of comrades, validating their false power. They do what they want, they decide what they want, what at large is counterproductive to the wiki.

We are just facing here how much the collaboration and information can lead a group of people to bureaucracy, and why not, to leave them creating misinformation. Or tell me, how much can you say that what you read in Wikipedia is the truth and nothing but the truth?

We are facing here a world tendency to manipulate the information spaces and niches. You can see they block what they think is useless, but they stress the lies and manipulations, so you can get stupid and controlled by information they want you to have in your own mind.

C’mon… this has to stop. and for sure it will be soon.


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