cat idilio >>/dev/null

I was in the mood of changing my tumblr theme since a few weeks ago. So I re-found this one I like because of its simplicity. I know, much too simple, but it’s not plain html. My readers do not pass in quantity from 16 persons. At least that is what Google Analytics says.


Some people has asked me if I had enough with my WordPress Blog, but the fact is that I don’t want to mix up things. Guess my WordPress blog is more like a technical contribution, in the possible manner, to the world community that gave me the possibility to learn and use GNU/Linux. This one at tumblr is most like my personal issue, where I am supposed to say/write whatever comes in my own mood.

Today I opened tumblr dashboard to write about some political thoughts I have been cooking in my mind. But c’mon, there’s a latinoamerican saying that goes “las palmeras son más altas, y así los puercos comen de ellas”, what in English comes as “the palms are taller, and though the pigs feed from them”. And that is because you can’t have everybody happy. You always live, work and eat because the fruits of your work lead you to this same vicious circle every time and on. Isn’t that enough to certain level?

Well. I have in queue so many things I have to start solving now… and stay away from twitter.

 $ sudo yum erase idilio 

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