to be or not

The Church, Priests (Not Judas Priest) and beliefs, oh well. Certainly, I was raised inside a protestant family, known in Nicaragua as “evangélicos”. I never had to visit churches, and if it was, never against my will. The moral values were always there. I always looked at Catholics as dogmatic people, always telling you what to do, but doing for themselves all the opposite. My primary studies I finished them in a Catholic school and they never had me learned a pray by memory; nor a Rosario, nor El Credo. I don’t believe in Maria Madre de Dios, nor in Saints and chalk idols, nor in dogmatic accessories of Catholicism. God is everywhere for me, not in a church or a nice building necessarily. God is One, without assistants or sidekicks.

The political conception inside my family was as important as believing in God. I was raised in a proletarian family, and a Revolution was taking place in history for that time. Not even once they forced me to believe in this or that. My brother and I were the happiest kids in my block. We had a wooden rifles each one, I had plastic action toys (those you would find for C$10 now, half a dollar). We were taught not to bother anyone, respectful, and always standing by to help someone who needed it. My grand parents gave all of their late days in raising us.

Those things helped me to understand it’s not important either you believe in God or not, you can be a complete motherfucker. It’s your choice to be or not.


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