I found this picture at flickr.com and felt like sharing it, but also what the person said about it. As follows:

FSLN flag, El Lagartillo

El Lagartillo unanimously supports the FSLN, perhaps not surprising given that the town was devastated by the Contras. The simple red and black flag is ubiquitous and slogans such as “por la paz, estamos juntos con Daniel” are painted on the walls (“for peace, we are together with Daniel” – referring to Daniel Ortega, the current president and longtime leader of the FSLN).

El Lagartillo is one of the most fantastic places I have ever been. It is a tiny community that does not even register on maps, but it has a rich history. Established as a collective farming community, the townspeople fled during the Contra Wars and a number of people lost their lives. Now re-established, they are almost completely self-sufficient, relying on sustenance crops. There is no electricity and light is by candle.

The community has a small spanish school, ‘Hijos del Maiz’, that provides tuition, food and homestay for travellers. We spent one week learning Spanish there; I wish I could have stayed for months.


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